Some shaders to help produce a retrowave theme. Built with the unity shader graph so you need the new rendering pipeline to use them. Colors can be changed via the material to suit the mood of your game. If bloom is being used in the post processing layer then the glowing effect can be controlled by the intensity slider in the color picker for each material.

Attribution is not required but much appreciated! Cheers!


Added scene with URP example

V2.0 Added!

-Added post processing layer to sample scene - now everything has a nice glow (Basically turned bloom up to eleven!)

-Added color picker to Sun, Stars, Grid 

-Sun is now an emission so it wont require a light source to be seen (That's how suns work right?)

-Added Prefab objects so they should be easier to add to projects

-Moved the materials into their own folder

Updated 9 days ago
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Cyberpunk, Unity


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Hey is there a way to use this shader with the new URP of unity? I can't find the LWRP anywhere to download and i got no clue about shaders.

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Good news! I updated the package and added a sample scene with the URP

Hi! It says the master node is not compatible with the pipeline

Btw cool shaders i'll defenetly use it in my game

Hey, do you have the LWRP installed in your project?


Hey, the sun shader says I am missing a graph. What did that do?

(it's the one with the small red cross, a bit to the left and up of the middle of the screen)

BTW: Awesome shaders bro!

Hey, thanks for letting me know. It looks like one of the sub-graphs was missing. I've re-uploaded with the missing parts. Let me know if you have any more issues with it. Cheers!